Infection Control

Surfaces & Medical Devices

  • Unisepta Plus – 750ml spray bottle
  • Unisepta Plus wipes – canister 150 wipes
  • Unisepta Plus wipes – refill 150 wipes

INDICATIONS: Alcohol based disinfectant – Suitable for surfaces & medical devices which are resistant to alcohol.
Fresh citrus fragrance – 30 second contact time

  • Unisepta Foam – 750ml spray bottle

NOTES:  Unisepta Foam spray has a fresh orange fragrance

  • Unisepta Foam wipes – Pack 100

INDICATIONS:  Alcohol free disinfectant – suitable for surfaces which are sensitive to alcohol, including synthetic dental chair upholstery & plastic surfaces of medical devices. 1 – 5-minute contact time

  • Unisepta Foam wipes Non-perfumed 

INDICATIONS:  Aldehyde free disinfectant – Suitable for all surfaces. Dries without a trace, excellent antimicrobial performance in just 15 minutes.  Fresh citrus fragrance.


  • Dermocol hand wash – 500ml pump bottle 
  • Dermacol hand wash – 5L Ready to use
  • INDICATIONS: pH neutral – Soap free lotion with emollients for frequent hand washing.  Ideal for sensitive skin – lightly perfumed 
  • Dermocol Hand Gel New – 500ml pump bottle
  • Dermocol Hand Gel Silk – 500ml pump bottle

INDICATIONS:  Hydro alcoholic (Ethanol) thixotropic gel for hygienic & surgical hand disinfection with emollients for frequent use

NOTES:  Dermocol Gel New – Lightly perfumed / Dermocol Gel Silk – Fresh almond perfume


  • Ultrasonic Enzymatic Cleaning Powder – Pack 20
  • MICRO 10+ – Concentrate with 2% working strength – 1L
  • MICRO 10+ – Concentrate with 2% working strength – 2.5L

INDICATIONS:  Pre-sterilisation disinfection, cleaning & care of dental instruments, burs & endodontic instruments.
Contains corrosion inhibitors, can be used in both soaking tank and ultrasonic cleaner – 15-minute contact time

DENTASEPT ULTRA – 5L ready to use

INDICATIONS:  Cold Steriliser – High level disinfectant for thermo sensitive instrumentation.


  • VACUCID – suction cleaner – Concentrate with 2% working strength 1L – 50 treatments
  • VACUCID – suction cleaner – Concentrate with 2% working strength 5L – 250 treatments

INDICATIONS:  Non-foaming triple action, concentrate for daily maintenance of all types of dental suction systems. Disinfects, cleans & deodorises – Mild citrus aroma. Prevents build-up of biofilm – 15-minute contact time or leave in system over night.

  • VACUCID systematic dosing container