Surfaces & medical devices

  • UNISEPTA PLUS – 750ml Spray bottle
  • UNISEPTA PLUS WIPES – Canister 150 wipes (130 x 200mm) 
  • UNISEPTA PLUS WIPES – Refill 150 wipes (130 x 200mm)

INDICATIONS: Alcohol based disinfectant – Suitable for surfaces & medical devices which are resistant to alcohol.
Fresh citrus fragrance. (30 second contact time)
NOTES: UNISEPTA PLUS WIPES: Rapid disinfection of surfaces of medical devices, ideal for use between patients.

  • UNISEPTA FOAM – 750ml Spray bottle
  • UNISEPTA FOAM WIPES – Soft pack 100 wipes (180 x 200mm) 

INDICATIONS: Alcohol free disinfectant – Suitable for surfaces which are sensitive to alcohol, including synthetic dental chair upholstery & plastic surfaces of medical devices. (1 – 5 minute contact time)

NOTES: UNISEPTA FOAM Fresh orange fragrance UNISEPTA FOAM WIPES Non-perfumed 

INDICATIONS: Aldehyde free disinfectant – Suitable for all surfaces. Dries without a trace, tack free formulation no need for rinsing, excellent antimicrobial performance in just 15 minutes fresh citrus fragrance.